Friday, August 5, 2011

Finally & Thinspo

I finally realized why I was getting so hungry every night at 9pm. I'd switched to eating an extremely low cal "meal' for dinner which lacked protein and fiber. Soo I was starving in a few hours again and likely to binge like everyday. If if eat a small lean cuisine for dinner instead i'm not hungry so I don't eat past 6 and I don't over eat. Much much better.


  1. i have question.. should i eat a lower cal breakfast and lunch then a higher cal dinner? or a higher cal breakfast and lower cal dinner
    i try to keep myself under 500 cals a day so really they wont be to much higher but still i would like someone else opion(:
    xxx brittney
    btw i hope all it doing well with you(:

  2. I would suggest a low cal breakfast, high cal lunch and somewhere in between for dinner. You need breakfast to awake the metabolism but it does not need to be much, half a grapefruit with a packet of truvia is what I have. Then have most of your cals at lunch because you have longer to burn them off. Finally at dinner eat something filling so you won't come back for more later in the night. A good dinner option is plain oatmeal sweetened with a 0cal sweetener because warm things fill you up and keep fuller longer.
    and thank you, brittney c: