Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mac & Thinspo

Hey I just bought a Macbook pro for college yesterday and I was wondering if anyone knew how to upload more than one picture to a blog at a time. Because control button doesn't seem to work :c
Also, new tips:

  • That new sweetener truvia is AMAZING, it makes anything taste great and 0cals. I put it in my sugar free jello, grapefruit, ice tea, it's just awesome
  • I knew this but never really thought about it, warm things fill you up more than cold things and they make you feel good.  So a plain or no sugar added cinnamon apple oatmeal with some truvia is a great dinner option and it tastes good, filling, for only about 100cals for a whole bowl.
  • Processed foods won't fill you up. If you're eating a lot and don't know why you still feel hungry reach for raw salad with some warmed up salsa instead c: more filling and lots of flavor, better for the body!


  1. I love all of your tips and thinspo! I'm so glad I started following your blog, because your advice is just great. :) Sorry I have no idea about Mac products cuz I'm a devoted PC. Like in that commercial, you know? lol I hope you figure it out.

  2. OHMYGOSH i thought i was going to dye haha i didnt know that warm food make you fuller faster i will definetly do that for dinner to night! that you!

  3. Aw thanks both of you C: I'm glad I could help! <3

  4. Doesn't another page load up and you drag photo links into it? I've never uploaded photo's on here, if you don't figure it out I'll have a look later :)

  5. No I still couldn't figure it out :c

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