Saturday, August 27, 2011

Running mantra & Thinspo

Fear is not an excuse, but a challenge. This was the running mantra I made up today and repeated over and over in my head until I finished my run, I got a little bit farther today! C: So how are you guys doing? Anyone here a run addict? C:


  1. I certainly am. :D I feel bad if I don't run for more than 3 or 4 days,and when I'm finished I feel so good and accomplished. :)Then I just realize that the hard time and the pain during the run was worth the feeling after. :)

    Keep going,you're doing great! <3

  2. I know exactly what you mean!! i tend to get chill bumps from the thrill C:

    and thanks so much!

  3. The pictures are wonderful. ♥

  4. WOW! you have a great figure..especially your 6 pack :) Come and visit my blog.If you like it then maybe we can follow each other :D

  5. i used to run for a sport i was part of in highschool and college but now im lazy. lol. how often do you run?? doesnt your calves get big? cuz sometimes i think mine gets bigger and i dont like it. hahaha :P

  6. I absolutely love your blog! Glad I found you.

    I just opened a new blog, check it out. Hope to see you there.

  7. How do you girls get so thin! Please send me some tips :) I want to be thin too!
    Love this blog, you look great!

    Comment back please:)

    From Natasha

  8. Chic baby! would you like to follow each other blog? :X