Thursday, August 18, 2011

Post its & Thinspo

Thank you all for the suggestions! My roommate wasn't too keen on me taping teabags up haha but I did post sticky notes with positive reminders on my two shelfs of food and one in the fridge. So far so good! I've overcome 2 bad cravings and 1 bad moment of hunger by going for the hot tea! C: Yay!

Also, I've posted a note next to my mirror to remind me to eat right everyday. I'm working on saying positive things about myself very day and thinking nice thoughts. If I feel that my body is beautiful now but on the road to better I take care of it and treat it right. If I say "you're a fat pig" over and over I end up feeling like crap and thus eating crap. Positive things are better and I feel much better than before.


  1. You are a one-of-a-kind, truly beautiful person; I hope you know that. Being positive is something that is a hard mind set to achieve and keep up with, yet, somehow you make it look easy. It's very inspiring and refreshing! I always enjoy reading your posts because I know that they always contain something positive that I can relate to my life.

    Thank you :)

  2. Dainty you just gave me a smile and chill bumps at the same time. This comment means so much to me! I can't thank you enough fo the kind words because although I seem to make it look easy to think positively, we all know it is not. And your comment helps make those positive thoughts come a little bit easier. So thank you <3 really

    Also mam I can tell just by your comments you are one of the most beautiful people I will ever know. You have a kind heart and caring nature and as you work towards a better body, if you are, people can already see your inner beauty which, lucky you, is something you will always have. I mean that. <3

  3. This post was lovely :) you're so positive!
    And I told myself I have too much thinspo saved and I need to stop wasting memory space now, but your thinspo is so lovely I had to steal it!
    Lottie x

  4. Aww thank you lottie C:
    haha yeah i have wayyy too much thinspo saved