Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Forever away & Thinspo

Does anyone else ever feel like they'll never make it to their ugw? My ugw is 110 but I feel like I'm never going to get there... i've been 130-125 for 6 months now... I should be at 110 or lower by now. I eat to my calories and I exercise daily... I'm sure there is more I could do to be honest and if I want to get lower I'm going to have really grit down and exercise hard every day and just not go over by a single calorie. But when the time comes to do so those ideas seem to go out the window and I'll have another bowl of my kashi cereal... why is it so easy to forget our goals? Rationally I know I want tiny things more than I want that next bowl of cereal, where has my control gone? I feel hopeless...


  1. The same happens to me. I want to be below 100, but I am at 108 now. Every time I wake up and see it is still the same I think, "meh, that sucks, but it is still a good weight!" then I go out and eat a bunch of crap and don't exercise because I felt happy.. Then I gain and screw myself over. I was so motivated at 114, I wonder what happened that I forget =(

  2. Hey, Annie :-)
    I'm really impressed at that weight! How are tall you? And yes that is exactly what I do! I think I need a time constraint or something... I wonder where all of that motivation goes...

  3. ^^^ Yes! I have the same problem! When I weighed myself everyday, I got discouraged when the number wouldn't drop every morning that I'd be like wtf I might as well eat a bunch of crap if it isn't gonna go down anyway.

    Now I weigh myself every week and that's been working SOOO much better for me!

    Also, I love the thinspo :)

  4. I'll try weighing only once a week. I feel like such a fat pig i'm so sick of myself...