Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Boo :c

Well today did not go as well as i had hoped. I did fine until 6pm. I went out driving with my family and they stopped to eat lunch, I stayed strong and didn't order a thing despite how hungry I was from missing my tea. When I finally got back home i was starving and I had missed my tea for 3 hours. I drink about 2-3cups an hour. i ended up eating my seaweed(10), 1/2 cup light soy milk(35), apple(60), 1cup blueberries(81), one piece imitation crab(45), 4 small pretzels(15), and 3 totia chips with some light salsa(50). So the total was 353 cals, 53cals over my goal. I did walk around the neighborhood some but it started raining and lightning so I came in early. I'm glad i didn't binge on anything bad like the pop tarts or chocolate that I really wanted but I still feel bad about today...

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