Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sick & Thinspo

This morning I got up for my normal 6am power walk and as I was getting ready something felt wrong. I was very shaky, light headed and extremely nauseous. I had to skip my walk because I couldn't even finish putting on my shorts. So I took two tums and waited for my "meal" time at 7am because I figured it was lack of food. Well I finally made it to 7 and my 1/2muffin didn't help so I got desperate and had 2 small strawberries and 1 blueberry. Still I was a wreck so I ended up having to sleep from 7am unitl 10am. I feel ok now but still shaky. Anyone know what is going on?  :c


  1. Maybe you aren't getting enough food and it's making you weak. Try drinking some water and see if that helps. I really don't know. I hope you get to feeling better soon though.

  2. D: I'm so sorry! that sounds terrifying, but I honestly have no idea what it is as it's never happened to me before. But at the top of my head I can say low blood sugar/low blood pressure. Maybe the latter. My mom gets that a lot..

    but I hope you feel much better now(:
    and beautiful thinspo!

  3. Thank you both kes and CarrotCake <3 It's 12:32 now and I just ate 'lunch' of pollock and cracker chips. I feel ok now, no shakes or anything.
    It probably is from lack of food but I just refuse to give up. I'm still on my meal plan from today and to make up for the two strawberries I'm cutting out my baby spinach and dressing and replacing it with 4 more strawberries, so the same amount of cals. Like i said i feel ok now <3 thank you very very much for your advice and concern <3 <3 <3

  4. I will be from lack of something, and your blood sugar. Try getting some glucose tablets, normally they are around 20 calories per cube whichever one you get as you will have different outside UK. But they give you an immediate boost of energy and glucose. I have them when I have the shakes. I have dextrose or glucotabs xxx

  5. Ah thank you very much! I will go to my nutrition store as soon as possible and get some! Thank you!

  6. Since you had half a muffin and still feel shaky, it might be from lack of magnesium or iron.

    Iron from spinach doesn't get absorbed as well as from organic sources either. Consider some supplements.

  7. I think it micht be lack of sugar on your blood!!
    I really hope you get better soon!!

    Stay Strong,


  8. @peppertea3: I take a magnesium supplement already though. And vitamuffins have very little sugar actually.

    Thank you Maggie. it may have been, but based on my last post I'm doing worse actually but it is my own fault. Thank you for your concern <3