Monday, July 18, 2011

Grocery Shopping & Thinspo

I stuck to my plan today :-) The only mess up was I had to eat a plum instead of a small peach. The peach had has 31cals and the plum had 34 :P So 3 extra. I just didn't have an peaches like I thought I did! Sorry guys! :c Btw my jar of dill pickles has 0 cals so do you think it would be cheating if I had some during the day? Be honest <3
Today I went grocery shopping for the month and here are some of the low cal foods I buy if you are interested (:

  • Vitabrownies
  • Banana Nut Vitamuffin tops
  • CranBran Vitamuffin tops
  • Strawberries 
  • HealthyFULL 
  • Nutty grain bread
  • Lean pockets 
  • Plums 
  • flounder 
  • perch 
  • Blueberry Ricecakes 
  • Raw blueberries 
  • Oranges 
  • Bananas 
  • Kashi bars 
  • Active Apple Chai Oatmeal
  • diet hot coco 
  • Lots of Hot Tea (:
You guys will probably hear me rave about vitamuffins so here's a link they are amazing, so delicious, low cal, low fat, low sodium, and packed with vitamins. :-) What's not to love 
My grocery bill was 100 lol healthy foods are worth it and this will last me a long time. I eat little but the trick is variety ;)
  • Tomorrow's goal: 400
  • 7am: 1/2 banana nut vitamuffin -50
  • 9am: 25 Blueberries -20
  • 11am: 2C Baby Spinach -20
  •           7 Squirts dressing -7
  • 12am: 1/2 Steamed Pollock -50
  •           12 Special K (sour cream & onion) cracker chips -49
  • 2pm: 1/2C Special K Cereal -60
  •         1/4C Light Vanilla Soy milk -17
  • 4pm: 1/2 Vitabrownie -50
  • 6pm: Small apple with cinnamon -77                                                                                                    
                                               total: 400  
Once again, thank you everyone so much for following me <3 And I really appreciate your comments! They are helpful and encouraging! :-)


  1. 3 extra calories is no big deal. Pickles do have calories, just not many. One cup of pickle slices is 17 calories. But since the serving size for pickles is small, companies can put 0 cals down because a serving is less than 5 calories. It probably wouldn't be hard to plan your day with some pickles in it or something. Are VitaMuffin Tops good? I've heard of them but never tried them. What section of the store would I find them in? I've heard freezer section but that just sounds odd. Good luck with your goal tomorrow! You've been doing great!

  2. I know 3 isn't too bad I just want to be honest when I have a mishap. And ok thank you! No pickles then if I don't know how much! Plus that sodium yuck! And YES! Vitamuffin tops taste sooo good especially for 100cals a piece. And they are loaded with vitamins! They are like a super food. You can get them in the freezer section yes! Or you can order online and save some money and have more options, I will do this soon probably.

  3. Again, lovely thinspo :) Great job sticking to your plan! I'm glad you're eating healthily even with the low calorie intake :)

  4. Thank you, Lita :-) I really do try! <3

  5. Nice job!!!
    Thank you for sharing your list...and loved the idea of the vitamuffin!! I'll try!!

    Stay strong,


  6. Loving the healthy foods shopping list!
    Keep it up hon and you will achieve your goals :)

    Love AJ <3

  7. Thank you both! After my last post I don't feel anywhere near close to achieving my goals but thank you so much <3