Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First goal met (self pic) & Comments & Thinspo

 What I eat for dinner and lunch (:

I met my first goal of 125! :) BMI 20.8. yay! Remember those scarfs I really wanted a couple blogs back? Well as a reward i bought myself 3 similar scarfs where I work for only $7 for all 3! Yay! Now to work on getting to 120 [20.0] >:) My goal is to reach at least 115 before my first year of college, August 18th <3 I can do it!

Also, I wanted you all to know that I do respond to every comments on my posts but just in case from now on I will reply on my new posts haha (: I want you to know I really appreciate it. <3

 The scarfs I got <3

The scarfs I wanted, not too bad :-)

And ok so this is me at 125 :-) I hope it's not reverse thinspo :P
AJ said...

You post such beautiful thinspo, was a treat for the eyes to look through your blog :)
-Thank you so much, AJ! My goal is to be a beautiful and positive thinspo so it's good to hear I'm doing it right! 

Lita said...

That sounds amazing!! Chocolate soymilk is amazing too, and way under 200 calories! :)
-Thanks for the recommendation for light chocolate Soy Milk :) I went out and bought some today, perfect for chocolate cravings! <3


  1. You have great legs! Be proud! And good luck reaching your goals :)

  2. Nice legs!!! And I love those scarfs!!!!
    Good luck...always!!

    Stay strong

  3. Your legs look soooo good!!!!! I'm jealous!

    Congrats :)

  4. Thank you very much (: I'm glad you think so <3 I disagree though haha