Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My favorite Tips

-Hot tea is like a miracle. It comes in many flavors so you don't get bored and has zero cals. No matter how hungry I am one cup of hot tea makes me feel full in no time.

-Jello is a great treat if you really want something sweet. It only has 10 cals per serving and it tastes great! even if you binge and eat the whole thing (which is a lot!) only 80 cals, amazing.

-Another good sweet idea is Light Vanilla Sot Milk. Only 70cals for a cup and it tastes like the most amazing ice cream in the world.

-Light Tuna is the best source of protein. It has 22g protein in one pack but only 80cals and 1 . 5g fat.

-Benefiber isn't just for old people. If you are eating a very small diet you can mix benefiber into anything your morning tea, water, coffee whatever. Fiber is necessary for healthy digestion and it fills you up way fast.

-Vitamins!! Vitamins are an essential for every Ana. You lose a lot of nutrients with ana and in order to make sure you have your health one multivitamin a day is a must. I also take biotin (for hair), D-3, and a calcium tablet every day.

-Seaweed is another good source of nutrients and it boosts metabolism (great for losing weight). You can buy dried seaweed at walmart. It tastes pretty good too.

-Kelp is even better for boosting the metabolism. You can find kelp pills in the vitamin aisle.

-Blueberries and Watermelon also boost the metabolism, very tasty too.

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