Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 1 of ABC & Thinspo

Yesterday I decided to start the ABC plan but I wasn't planning on starting so I was over 35cals :c oh well it was unplanned and I don't mind because I know I will stay on track until I am done <3

  • Goal yesterday: 500

1/2 banana nut vitamuffin       -50
seaweed 2 sheets                  -10
1/4c light soy milk chocolate  -45
1/2c sticky rice                      -300
1 crab leg                              -45
1/4 avocado                          -40
cucumber                              -15
                               total: 535 +35cals :c

  • today's goal: 500

1/2 banana nut vitamuffin      -50
1 lean pocket pretzel bread  -280
2c baby spinach                   -20
8squirts balsamic dressing     -8
light tuna                              -80
1 medium orange                 -62
                               total: 500 (:
I am also eating every 2 hours to help my metabolism. Like eating half the lean pocket, saving part and then eating the other half 2 hours later. Same with the orange. And I don't eat past 6pm or before 6am. I posted the vitamins I take and why on the left side of my blog, you may want to check it out, I think it is useful.

I exercised at 6am again this morning (: but I'm getting bad blisters on my toes and feet, anyone have any suggestions to help?

Also, I want to thank you all for your lovely comments and I want you to know I really appreciate them <3
 I am getting a few too many to keep replying in posts so any comment you post I will post my response right below it (: I won't miss one <3 thanks again!

This is my new food journal! <3 (:


  1. It's good trainers you need mainly to support feet better, proper fitted ones don't tend to rub. Running ones. Also for your blisters (I hope you have it where you are!) compeed are the best for me. They do blister stickers, which are clear and go white over your blister. Very sticky!
    I was thinking of doing the ABC again myself. It's what I was on when I got to 146, so I may begin again!! Good luck with it!!

  2. Hmm ok I may have to look for some new shoes then, thank you (: I've never heard of Compeed before, where are you from? Well I will look for it (: And yes I would try it again if I were you, then we can be doing it together <3

  3. Nice job!!! And I love the pictures... especially the 2nd :)

  4. Thank you very much (: and yeah I do too haha

  5. The UK I'm afraid! Don't know if they are worldwide :( And I love the first photo!! Anything with flat stomach's I love :) <3
    Hmm I might start ABC tomorrow!! As it's a Monday!! Why not?!?!

  6. Ah yes I really like it too (: A flat stomach is tied with a thigh gap for what I most want!
    And yes you should! That sounds great (:

  7. Hey girl, great blog. Did you know tuna (even light) has so much mercury in it that your body will purposefully hold onto excess fat and water in order to dilute the toxins? Try switching to sardines or shrimp, much less mercury and your weight will shift off quicker.


  8. Oh my gosh really?! Thank you so much for letting me know! I will so be hitting the market tomorrow!

  9. Nice job today!!!! But I would change the pretzel for rice cakes!!!

    Stay strong


  10. Thank you (: It is actually a type of lean pocket and the breading outside is pretzel haha but I do like rice cakes!