Friday, July 29, 2011

Required Ana & Thinspo

So I will have to have a full colonoscopy on August 15th and to prepare for it I will have 1day of a liquid diet with an intense colon cleanse.  I am happy about the colon cleanse because although it will be nasty I will finally have everything out of my system and I will have two days where I'm not supposed to eat anything. I know I stopped my restrictive diet to become healthy but 2 days where I'm required to go back for health is nice. I look forward to weight I will lose from the 2day fast and the built up hidden weight of toxins in my colon being emptied out. But I am a little scared what they will find in the scope. I will be under anesthesia so I'll just wake up to "not so bad news" or "it's cancer" news. So guys wish me best :-(

This morning I weighed my 127lbs again. I'm still eating right and yesterday I finished with 1207cals. It was a little too high for me but not terrible. I've noticed what makes the biggest difference is making sure I stop eating by 6pm, it gives my food about 12hrs to digest and I weigh much less in the mornings.
Today's plan:
Bk: 1/2 vitamuffun -50
       1/2 grapefruit -50
Snacks: 1C Special K -120
             1/2 Light Soy -35
             Orange -62
Lunch: Roasted Chkn Verde -230
           1/2 apple -38
Snacks: grilled bell peppers -30
             sugar free jello -10
             Kashi bar -140
             1/4C almonds -170
Dinner: Chkn fruit salad -220
            fat free Italian dressing -30
                                     total: 1185


  1. I'm really proud you're taking the healthier route to eating. There's nothing more beautiful than health. After reading M.T Head's frightening posts, your blog is like a breath of fresh air and I really hope you continue do be as excellent as you are striving to be now.

  2. Ah I know what you mean about fer posts. They kinda freak me out a bit, no offense to her whatsoever :c But I am very glad you love my blog and my way of looking at weight loss! ;-)

  3. Hey! I think it's the best way loosing weight the healthy way! Especially if it works for you... Unfortunately my previous ana history made my metabolism so slow I'm not loosing weight that way...:/ Even though everyone was telling me that if I eat normal for a year or so, it will get back to normal... it didn't... Anyway, stick to this way :)

    Btw. if you feel like it, you might check my blog as well...

  4. Ah I really wish you the best. That is so disappointing to not be able to lose weight on a normal diet. Did you try eating about 1100cals a day? if i only eat under 1100 and no later than 6pm at night i can gradually lose weight.

    Sure :-) I'd love to see!

  5. amazing thinspiration. I hope you'll stay strong. You're amazing <3

    By the way, I really like your style, it's unique and I read your blog so often and I just wonder..if we could follow each other.. But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader ♥

    with love,

  6. Hello, New follower

    Loving the thinspo! And I've always wondered about getting a Clonic.
    Nice thinspo

  7. Pralinka, I tried to follow your blog (i love love LOVE it btw) but everything was in polish :c it was confusing. i will try again, I really like your blog as well, i am glad you like mine <3

    Hi grace (: thank you very much!

  8. Good for you for going the healthy route. I tried it and couldn't do it. I got stuck at 120 and wanted to go below that.