Tuesday, July 26, 2011

College & Thinspo

Wow thanks so much for all the positive response on my my last post guys! :D It was such a wonderful feeling to read all those comments of encouragement. You guys make me really happy with this decision and you are the reason I am able to avoid relapses.  :') Thank you a million times! <3

Lottie, Sarah, and Yase if you think you want to try Healthatarian, go for it (: It is not only good for weight loss but for your overall health and labeling yourself as one helps you avoid so many bad situations and gives you a good reason to say no to fatty foods.

Also, I went to freshman orientation today and no wonder people gain a freshman 15lbs in college. The food they serve is crap and terrible for you. I tried my best to make healthy choices but it was hard! They put cookies and brownies next to the salad bar! Who does that?! Well I didn't eat any of them (i sooo wanted one though haha). Colleges need to have health requirements :P I'm glad I live off campus and can buy my own food.


  1. Omg I am in love with your blog!!! You have so many great tips and tricks, and awesome health advice, especially with the vitamins. I also really love the thinspo you post. :) I went to orientation last week and I noticed the same thing. They did have healthy choices, for which I was grateful, but they also had a ton of unhealthy choices. I am ashamed to say that I ate like a pig both days, but since I have gotten back on track and stayed on. I haven't binged once since then. The saving grace about my college is that one building over from the cafeteria we have a $50 million rec center with a full indoor gym, basketball court, rock climbing wall, and swimming pool. Staying active shouldn't be too difficult, and if I find myself super tempted to binge I can just skip lunch and go work out instead and then have a light snack and some hot tea. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and that I will be following you. Keep up the excellent work and good luck achieving your goal! :)

  2. I'm really glad you like it (: It gives me all the more inspiration when someone comments on my blog to tell me how much they like it and that they find it helpful! And yes we have a gym too so I'll probably take advantage of it. They can gain 15 if they want but I'm going to lose 15 ;-) And your idea to skip the binge in favor of light snacking and a workout is excellent! And thank you for wishing me luck! (: