Thursday, July 21, 2011

Slow and Steady & Thinspo

Wins the race. I am finding this to be more true than ever. I used to weigh 160lbs or 163 on a bad morning. So I started eating right and over 6months I lost 29lbs and weighed 131. I didn't even exercise all that much, I just cut out soda and fast food and made good healthy choices everyday with an occasional treat like a small frozen yogurt once in a while. When I got desperate to try and lose weight faster before college started I began to eat very little, about 100-500cals every day. And at first I was losing 1lb every day! But I soon discovered that it killed my metabolism. If I eat two apples more than I should I gain a pound. So after 2months of eating like this I weigh (surprise) 127. I gained 1.5lbs yesterday and all I ate was 100cals.

The reason I didn't update yesterday is because I passed out. I don't think I should continue this anymore. I passed out from 8pm until my alarm at 5:30am this morning. All eating like this has done for me is ruin my health, I'm losing my hair, shaking, passing out, and vomiting. I think I will try and go back to a low cal but sensible diet. I will tell you all what I eat everyday and how I'm doing. I will still meet my goals but I"m going to do it the "healthy" way. I will still upload thinspo everyday for inspiration and because I love the beauty of it.

I hope you do not feel I have betrayed you all or given up when it was hard. I just think if I keep this up I could get really hurt. I live alone so no one know if I passed out again or on a run. I'm sorry I can't be as strong as all you ana's but I will still support you in everything you do. I love you all and I'm sorry I'm not as strong.


  1. You have nothing to apologise for. Your health should be the most important thing,and do it the healthy way.Turn back if you can,please! This is not the way to live..You can be happy,strong,eating normal,enjoying food,and still be thin. You just have to be patient. Prepare yourself for a little weigh gain,when you increase your calories,because your metabolism is ruined,but you will start losing as soon as it heals itself. Remember - You CAN lose weight eating up to 1800 calories (many people do so,and they're in normal weight range). Just,please,don't give up on your health.. I would really do this the healthy way to,but I just think I'm not ready yet. I know you can do it! Good luck. xoxo

  2. Thank you so much for not shameing me. It makes me happier than i can express that someone understands and supports me. My goal is to be not just thin but happy. To be able to eat a slice of whole wheat bread without feeling guilty. I will be patient and evenutally i will meet my goals happily and with my health (and hair lol). I hope you too will be able to switch over to the healthy way soon. I wish you the very best of luck. Thank you again for making a very imsecure girl smile.

  3. Get yourself healthy hun. You can still get skinny but eating very healthy (with all the nutrients etc) and of a higher calorie intake. I'm glad you are putting your health first instead of your weight, shows that you are sensible! Enjoy things for a while, eat certain foods which you have been avoiding, but which are essential. Look after number one :)

  4. Oh my GOD!!!
    I hope you are feeling better now!! And I would never feel that you betrayed us...EVER!!

    Good luck on your new diet!!

    Stay strong,