Thursday, July 7, 2011

My First Fast

As of tomorrow I will be starting my first fast. I plan on a 3 day mini fast. Of course this means no eating so I will have water, tea, and my vitamins. I feel this will really benefit my body and give me an almost pure start. I do have a protein problem where I pass out after a certain number of hours without protein, so I hope I will still be ok. I will let you all know on a day to day basis how my progress is going.

Stay Skinny Ladies
<3 Hope


  1. Be careful. You really shouldn't start with a 3-day fast. If you've never done a fast before, you should try a 16 or 24 hour fat, and then build up from there.

  2. Ah! you saw my post? I'm honored (: I have fasted before for 24 hours. And I usually eat about 57cals a day. So I think this is worth a try. And I really look forward to the detoxifying. If I feel I am in real danger of health I will break it.