Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 2 ABC and on track & Thinspo

I stuck to my exact meal plan today :-) the times, the portions, everything! yay! This new way of eating and exercising gives me a great sense of accomplishment <3 Can you guys suggest any good fish? I'm a pescatarian (I don't eat red meat but I will eat grilled chicken). I do know that my vitamins add about 50cals but I don't really count those because they are an everyday natural necessity. I also got my 2hours of power walking in today :-) 1hr at 6am and another at 8pm. I'm using those shape up shoes and I do think they make a difference <3

  • Tomorrow's goal: 300

7am 1/2 vitamuffin                    -50
8am 1c raw cucumber              -8
9am 1/2 (m) orange                 -31
11am 2c baby spinach             -20
        9 squirts dressing              -9
1pm 1/2 steamed chkn breast -55
          4 baby carrots              -18
3pm 1/4c special k                 -30
       1/4c light vanilla soy milk -17 
5pm (s) peach                         -31
6pm  1/2 orange                     -31                          
                                   total: 300 :-) it's only 300 but it look like so much!


  1. Salmon is my favorite because it's super low cal! One piece of smoked salmon only contains about 23 calories. Great job on the ABC diet so far! Keep it up, you can do it :)

  2. Oh that's great! Thanks so much (: Thank you I plan too :-)

  3. I LOVE tilapia! lemon pepper, blackened; its all SO good:)

  4. Thanks dainty! It sounds good :-)

  5. I like tuna in brine water best :) and poached salmon :)
    Well done on ABC!
    Lottie x

  6. Lottie, I used to LOVE light tuna in water. Like eat it everyday. But I just found out all the toxins in it can cause your body to retain fat! D: I will look into poached salmon though (: and thank you so much!! <3