Monday, July 25, 2011

Healthatarian & Thinspo

So today I ate exactly to plan and then I got to work. It was about 7pm and I was starving and looming in the back were some cookies. Well I ended up eating about 490cals worth :c So full of self loathing and guilt at what I had just done I chugged a lot of water and grabbed a rubber band to tie my hair back as I went to the bathroom to purge. I got in there shut the door and I stopped. I thought, "I've put this behind me now. My health is more important than a possible 2lbs gained just now." And I didn't purge (: I took responsibility for the calories I ate and now I feel much stronger. I still feel bad about the cookies but I am also happy because I have this new found strength that I just can't explain.

Also, you know there are Vegans, Vegatarians, and Pescatarians? Well I've been a pescatarian for a while now but I have decided I will also become a Healthatarian (: It means someone who doesn't eat cakes, cookies, ice creams, fast foods, or over processed foods unless it is necessary or a special occasion such as a birthday or weeding. I figured this would help me avoid the bad feelings in the first place. <3


  1. Nice thinspo :)
    Well done for not purging! That's really great :)
    Haha I think we must be on the same wavelength :P I've just become pescatarian and want to combine it with healthatarian too, but I have to wait a while to be allowed. It would really help with your weightloss and general health :) good luck!
    Lottie x

  2. Well done for being so strong chick :D Keep it up you are doing so well!
    I admire you having all these food view/follows. I don't think I could actually have the strength to keep it up.

  3. Good job not purging! You can always just average out your calories throughout the week so that the cookies won't cause a problem. Good luck with being healthataian! Hopefully you will feel a lot healthier and it'll have a positive effect on your weight.

  4. stay strong! you can really be proud of you that you didn't purge!
    i also want to be a healthatarian! :-)
    love, yase

  5. Love the Healthspiration :)
    Good Job, Keep it up
    All the ANA's are with you!
    Peace & Love

  6. Ohmygod you're so strong! Wow, you should keep this up! don't let go of this mentality :D
    and I think labeling yourself as a healthatarian might get you out of so much bad foods :P

    I'm glad you're doing great(: