Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Staying Strong & Thinspo

Yeah, I feel shitty for earlier but I won't let it get me down any more. I'm over it. I'm going to get up tomorrow and give 110% more and stay on track like usual. I screwed up but that isn't me and it doesn't define me. I'm a strong ana with control and I will continue with my plan and I WILL meet my goal. From now on I will not have a "goal" of calories for the day I will have an allowance, a sure thing that I will stick to. <3

  • Tomorrow's allowance: 100

7am 1/2 banana nut muffin       -50
9am 3 (s) Strawberries            -6
11am 1serving sugar free jello -10
1pm 1C baby spinach           -5
        3 Squirts dressing            -3
3pm 1C cucumber                 - 8
5pm 1C baby spinach          -5
        3 Squirts dressing           -3
6pm 2 Sheets Seaweed        -10
                                     total: 100


  1. You can do it!! Stay strong, girl xoxo

  2. 3rd pic I absolutely adore!! What a perfect body :)
    You can do it sweetie!! We know you can

  3. Yay for refound positivity!

    Love AJ xxx

  4. Thank you all so much <3 i know I can do it (:

  5. I'm glad you feel better and more motivated! :D I feel almost the same way(:
    You can stick to this! You CAN do it(:
    Stay strong, and don't give up.

  6. Thank you so much carrotcake <3 Your engorgement makes me smile :-) I will do this! <3