Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thank you & Thinspo

Thank you everyone who commented and gave me the motivation and strength I needed <3 You all are the reason I know I can do this :-) I would be nothing without you. I am so grateful to everyone who follows and reads my blog and especially to those who care enough to offer advice. It means the world to me. <3
So today is going well and it is half over! I have eaten exactly to plan and I won't be messing up again. I know the warning signs and just in case I made a "things that make me happier than food" list in my food journal. So i'll go do those if I feel a binge coming on. A couple of things from the list:
 Things that make me happier than food <3
Scented Candles
Hot Tea
Disney movies
Spongebob & Regular Show (American Cartoons lol)
Decorating my room
New clothes
Giving too big clothes away
Milk baths
Mani & pedi
Cute things

Share some of your ideas!! (: Btw does anyone know what approximate weight a 5'5 girl would have to weigh to fit into a size 1 or 0 pants size? I have no idea.


  1. You seem to be doing great! I love the list :D for me I really like doing my nails [it takes up so much time! which leaves very little time to binge lol], also when I'm in the mood I try on old clothes that never fit me [so motivational], also keeping up with my blog or finding new low cal recipes on the internet. :p

    I have no idea about the waist size, but it depends on whether you have a small or large frame, take it from me :p I don't think I would ever fit in a size 1 or 0 no matter how much I lose weight, bones are too big D:
    But the best way to know is to lose lose lose and see what weight you're most comfortable in(:

    Hope I helped [probably didn't], and good luck with the rest of the day(:
    We're all here for support no matter what!

  2. Thank you! I really love that too except for the painting part unless it is clear lol I also love to try on old clothes (: Especially clothes that originally were way too small and are now way to big! I also keep up with blogs (:

    Yeah that's why I kinda doubt I will. I have a medium frame I think because it's not huge but I have large hips. I was able to pull on some size 0 pants yesterday but I can't zip them lol. Maybe someday! And yes I think I know my ideal weight between 110 and 106. :-)

    You did help! Thank you <3 I will do you proud the rest of the day! Thank you again so much for your support!! <3 <3 <3

  3. I'm addicted on the blogs now! Any time I want food I read everyones blogs and look through pictures. It helps :)
    And I spend money, which I do very well unfortunately! Just brought a purse and keyring off Radley for my bf's mom birthday :) in the sale haha.
    I was tempted earlier to go clothes shopping, I still love it. I love trying on clothes just hate the feeling I get when I am in them. I managed to stop myself so I have sat like a loner in my room all evening! (its 9:30pm here)

  4. haha yes I like to read through them as well, it helps a lot. I'm a poor college kid so I try not tom but yes I am very good at it too!
    Yeah, I'm the same, I enjoy finding new cute clothes but I hate trying them on :P