Saturday, July 16, 2011

Louis Vuitton Thinspo

My Louis Vuitton Thinspo <3

Everyone has something they really want but coupld never justify the money. For me, I really want a Louis Vuitton handbag :-) I've never spent more than $15 on a purse and I'm saving it for a nice Louis Vuitton one! When I reach 108lbs or 106lbs I will buy one <3 It's what I'll use as my reward and I dream of being thin with a fabulous purse lol If I make it to 100lbs I'm going to die my hair platinum blonde and if I make it to 99lbs I'm getting a tattoo of what I call a "ribbon of strength." Although, I do know there is such a thing as too skinny so I may not go below 106, 1lb under my minimum weight class based on my height. I want to be at least 1lb under so it's kind of special feeling. Anyway, I'll play it be ear if I am happy at 106 that's where i'll stay but if I decide 100 or 99 is better I'll shoot for it<3

What are you guys's goals and rewards? What is your ideal weight? :-) I am curious.
The tattoo I will get if I deiced to reach 99lbs
Lita  comment on your post "Water Weight & Thinspo": Ahhh I can definitely NOT do that with my thigh, haha. 
-ah I'm actually surprised, you seem extremely skinny. And yeah I sure can't right now haha


  1. Love your thinspo and Louis Vuitton!! I went New York a couple months ago and was so tempted to buy one! Cheaper in USA etc, but couldn't afford it so I settled with a Burberry :) What size are you at the weight you are? We are the same height but I am (shocking) 150lbs at the minute and a UK size 12 :(

  2. My UGW is 115.6. Right now I'm 116 so I'm only .4 pounds away :) I don't really have any physical rewards - my rewards come in every comment I get on how skinny I am and being able to wear anything with confidence! Btw I decided on my UGW when I found the equation to determine one's "ideal model weight". It's your height in inches x 1.7 :)

  3. Oh ok! Thanks, Lita (: I completely agree, those are much better than anything I can buy (: I just like to see things I bought when I reached a marker and think, "Wow I was 145 when I bought that book, and it was a big deal." It's nice to have physical reminders. And according to that formula my ideal is 110.5 (: So i'm only 16lbs away. I think I'll aim to stay between 110-106 (:

  4. I've never thought about rewards...but I'm going to do a list and show on my blog. I LOVE LV purses!!! I don't have one...maybe it will be my reward for the UGW!!

  5. Yeah that would be a great one! i think you should ;)