Wednesday, July 13, 2011

There is no such thing as a food reward & Thinspo

Never 'reward' yourself with a piece of chocolate (or any food for that matter) because you've 'been good today.' We often fall into the trap of believing that after eating well all day we deserve a little treat. However, when we give ourselves this little treat what we are really getting is not a reward but a punishment. It leads us to have to exercise even more, it takes away our previous successes, deprives us of hope and leaves as feeling like worthless, fat, idiots. So when you've had a good day, treat yourself to clothes shopping, a manicure, some extra down time, or a favorite movie. <3 You will fell much better than a 78cal piece of chocolate will have you feeling.

Lita said...

You have great legs! Be proud! And good luck reaching your goals :)

-Thank you Lita (: i don't agree with you yet, especially because my thighs aren't even near a thigh gap, but someday I will agree (: And thank you!!


  1. You couldn't say it better!!! You are so right about it!!!