Saturday, July 16, 2011

Morning Exercise & ABC diet & Thinspo

I have taken to waking up every morning at 5:30am to exercise :-) It feels great to be up and moving before the sun and since I won't have eaten anything yet it is pure fat burn!
I started the ABC diet today :-) I usually eat 300cals or less everyday but I think my metabolism could hit a rut and so i'm starting the ABC diet and it I lose 20lbs on it I will be 105lbs!!! :D That's 1lb below my goal weight. The thing is I MUST stick to it. So to make sure I don't give into temptation I will make you guys a promise. I never break a promise, honestly, so this way I will think of it and I will have the strength to resist.

" I promise to everyone who reads this that I will stick to this new diet plan until I have either lost 20lbs or I feel I am too skinny or dangerously unhealthy. I will eat only what I write down for that day and only the foods I have written. I will be careful and safe and I will take my vitamins and fiber in the mornings. If I break my promise I will have to shamefully face you all and tell you what was more important that my promise."

I look forward to telling you all how it goes :-)

sarah said...

Love your thinspo and Louis Vuitton!! I went New York a couple months ago and was so tempted to buy one! Cheaper in USA etc, but couldn't afford it so I settled with a Burberry :) What size are you at the weight you are? We are the same height but I am (shocking) 150lbs at the minute and a UK size 12 :(


  1. I am proper struggling at the minute though. I got down to 146 then binged every fucking day!!
    And now I'm stuck in a rut! Perfect until around 5pm, like 100 calories, then I binge on (ew) around 1000!!! What are your tips hun?? I know my stomach is telling me I'm not hungry but my head can't help it. My GW so far is 126 which seems a mile away at the minute

  2. My original goal weight was 132 and I never thought I would get there, never in a million years. Now I'm 125 :-) My advice is too eat very small "meals" throughout the day. Binging is usually caused by restriction and hunger. Don't get too hungry or you are likely to binge. If you feel a binge coming on drink lots of water or hot tea. The hot tea fills you up fast and lots of water can make you nauseous and unwanting to eat. Also try and treat yourself to a sweet without all the cals. Like frozen yogurt instead of ice-cream or strawberry jello. Strawberry no sugar added jello is yummy and only 10cals per serving so if you binge and eat it all it's only 80cals amazing. When you find yourself binging immediately throw it in the toilet. Also, it's best not to keep the bad foods in your house at all.

  3. Please follow my blog :)I used to do one, then stopped.I need to start one again to keep me going
    I have jello (or jelly as we brits call it!)
    Mine is already in a 10 calorie pot, so perfect really. But at the minute my mind craves junk, instead of all the soups I have!! I am going to sit and do myself my weekly food intake I am allowed xxx

  4. Of course I will follow <3 and good for you. I can give you all the tips in the world but what it really comes down to is self discipline and dedication.

  5. Gorgeous pictures <3 and GOOD LUCK! You can do it!!! :)

  6. Thank you very much (: I really appreciate your support <3

  7. I need to try that diet it is so hard for me though because I live with my boyfriend and if I don't eat he flips out because he knows my past with food and ana which sucks. I don't want to hurt him though. I told him I just want to loose a lil weight though so maybe he will be a little more uderstanding. Than you for the comment hun! And good luck

  8. Good luck! The ABC diet is the most vigorous diet I've ever seen besides a strict fast. You can do it :)

  9. Thank you, Lita! I will try very hard and stick to it :-)

  10. Good luck!!!
    I'm sure you will make it right :)!!!!


  11. Thank you very much :-) So far so good!

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  14. I'm 5'5" used to be 192 pounds, my goal is 110, and at the moment I'm 148. I feel as if I'm not going to get there so I went down to 90 calories by noon.

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